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Fanart: Duchess RavenWaves by Linnzy Fanart: Duchess RavenWaves by Linnzy
Tis is my own version of this villain, made with that hair though!

Copic ciao markers.

Description is from the Lady LovelyLocks and the PixieTails Giant Card Game published by Golden;

Through sheer arrogance and supreme vanity, the evil Duchess RavenWaves has decided that she more than anyone else deserves to be called the most beautiful girl in the world. However, her striking good looks are on the surface only, and her very long, raven-black hair reflects light from the outside rather than shimmering with a shine of its own. Jealousy is never pretty, but Duchess RavenWaves doesn't understand that the real beauty of Lady LovelyLocks comes from within, and no magic potion, hair color, or frizzy perm will ever be able to match that.

This prideful girl has confused beauty with extravagance and royal majesty with tacky luxury. Her competition with Lady LovelyLocks has caused her to overdo and exaggerate everything. Tangleland, her home, is a very dry and unsightly place because she spends more time on herself than taking care of her land. The resulting static electricity fills her hair whenever she gets angry, causing little sparks to fly every time she touches something. This of course does nothing to improve her conceited personality.

Duchess RavenWaves has retained the loyalties of the small, bad-tempered Comb Gnomes. In return for their help in conquering the Kingdom of LovelyLocks, she has promised them beautiful hair. They do whatever she tells them, for they see her as their only chance to become lovelier than their rivals, the PixieTails. But as long as there is no inner beauty in any of their hearts, try as they might, they will never become truly beautiful.
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Marin-chan Sep 23, 2007   Writer
Ravenwaves! *___*
Älska Lady LovelyLocks. <3 :heart: Vann en auktion idag på Tradera på den blåa filmen. ^^ Fast jag missade den gröna... ;_;
Linnzy Sep 23, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tack! Åh, härligt, jag har själv nyligen lyckats få alla tre, den gröna är också den svåraste att få tag i, enda anledningen till att jag hade råd med den är för att reklamen i början var överspelad så det var nog ingen annan som ville ha den.

Om du är intresserad så har jag en kopia på den, skicka en note till mig isåfall ^^

Spread the love!
Så himla snyggt! älskar håret posen plus ögonen, du blir bara bättre och bättre! :D
Linnzy Sep 3, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tack, det är kul att höra... Härligt att du gilla den....det kommer snart mer LLL-fanart...

och tack för favven ^^
Tesslar Jul 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Vackert. Kul att fler kommer ihåg lady lovelylocks
Linnzy Jul 14, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jepp, Nostalgi äger! tror jag skall göra fler LLL-fanarts...
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